Space for Game Changers

Rooftop Garden

  • high-quality ecological compensation areas
  • comfortable get-togethers over lunch
  • unblocked views of the historic Großmarkthalle area and the Alps
  • quiet walks for in-between relaxation 
  • plant troughs with flowers and grasses
  • morning light Yoga 
  • after-work events with evening sun

comN Space

  • breakfast for healthy work starts
  • lunch with changing dishes
  • fine dining gastronomy at night
  • sun terrace for afternoon coffee
  • interplay of wood and glass materials
  • wooden stairs as seating areas
  • representative entrance hall across two floors
  • Townhall for internal and external events
  • multimedia presentation area

Work Space

  • well-equipped rooms for conferences and training courses
  • meeting rooms
  • workspace for project groups and external partners
  • variable surface design
  • experimental room for new-work concepts
  • example of planning

Shared Space

  • shared spaces for maximum connectivity
  • New Work worlds
  • energy efficiency meets space efficiency
  • showers for bikers and fast walkers
  • elevators to underground car park with sustainable mobility solutions
  • example of planning

Flexible Space

  • launch site for missions exploring creative worlds
  • open and vibrant spatial effects
  • multi-functional interior design
  • example of planning

Open Space

  • viel natürliches Licht von beiden Seiten
  • bodentiefe Fenster mit Sonnenschutz
  • dynamische Fassade durch wandernde Fenstergrößen
  • Planungsvariante

    Ein Bauvorhaben der Urban Progress GmbH